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John A.J. Briginshaw

Hello and welcome to my homepage - and welcome to It's a fun site for all the (Brig) family!

I live with my wife Janet and son (little) Jeffrey in leafy Berkeley, California. We love the beautiful environment and all the lovely restaurants, but we're still getting used to the price of everything!

About me/us
Janet and I got married in May 2004 in an internationally famous ceremony thanks to the attendance of Gordon Catlin. In October 2011 we welcomed our first addition to the family, baby Jeffrey.

I teach accounting at Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

My Relations
I am related to Jane of Stockport (my sister) and Tony of Brighton (my Dad). Also to the much missed Diane (sister) and Mim (Mummy). May they rest in peace.

Contact Details
John Briginshaw
2110 1/2 Sacramento St
Berkeley CA 94702 USA
Email: Secure email information page

My Links
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