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John Briginshaw of Berkeley, USA (webmaster)
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Jennifer Gelsi nee Briginshaw of Melbourne, Australia
Jane Briginshaw of Stockport, England
Anthony Briginshaw of Hove, England
Diane Geraghty of Stafford, England (deceased)
Mike Briginshaw of Somerset, UK
Sheila Briginshaw nee Barrett of Stockport, UK (deceased)
Jane Simmonds-Short of Ilminster, UK
Linda Payne of Bournemouth, England
John Briginshaw of Binalong Bay, Australia
Colin Briginshaw of Eastleigh, Hants
Janine Briginshaw of Taree NSW, Australia
Isabelle Laura Briginshaw of Launceston, Australia
Karen S. Briginshaw of Vancouver, BC, Canada
Michael P. Brigginshaw of Watford, Hertfordshire, England
kyle's poems of Kingston, Canada
Derek John Briginshaw of Leicester, UK
Joanne Cook(nee Briginshaw) of Hants, England
Janet Bongshe Jato of Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A
Jill Briginshaw of Lincolnshire, England
Gail Ochse of Port Noarlunga, Australia
David Mark Briginshaw of Durban, South Africa
Luke Brigginshaw of Swindon, UK
Hamaton connection of Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND



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